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Join us for 356 Days of Fun, Fellowship and Practice.

Morning Lesson & Prayer Call

July 1 – June 30, 2016-2017 (365 days) at 6:45a Central

Never wake up alone again! Join us LIVE every morning for our 15 – 25 minute practice of the daily lesson, insightful sharing, and transformational prayer. We are there for you every day – but don’t worry if once in a while you find someone better to sleep in with than us. Relax and enjoy the snuggle because all calls are recorded and emailed to you.

BONUS! Weekly classes on the Textbook

Thursday Nights at 8:30p Central

Pour a cup of tea, sit back and read the textbook with your community. Mark & Maureen will bring their best inspiration and cause a lively conversation that takes us all deeper into greater understanding and application. All classes are recorded and emailed to you for your viewing pleasure.

Monthly Appearances by Top Spiritual Teachers

Second Thursday of the month at 8:30p Central

We have pulled together the best of the best just for you! This is a private, for-this-group-only opportunity to hear from some of the greats – how they study the course, how they continue to be transformed by it, their special teaching approach to it, and plenty of time for you to ask them what is on your heart. All content is recorded and emailed to you to enjoy over and over again.


“This is a curriculum of JOY. The purpose is the escape from fear.” - ACIM

Maureen Muldoon

Maureen is an expert teacher, minister and thought-leader, but her favorite title is Spiritual Vixen. She can’t help but to keep it real, relaxed, and a bit raucous. This is why thousands of people follow her and happily find their way to true peace and personal awakening.

Mark Anthony Lord

Mark Anthony Lord spent many years being a reluctant Reverend only to discover that apologizing for his powerful light, and deep wisdom serves no one. So, he kicked his people-pleasing to the curb, conceded to his Divine, and now shows up one-day-at-a-time willing to be bold for God and Her amazing beauty within absolutely everyone – no exceptions.

"God cannot be remembered alone." - ACIM

Spiritual Teachers

Check out our panel of Spiritual Teachers & experts scheduled to join us live each month during our weekly webinar

Dov Fishman


Gary Renard


Jennifer Hadley


Danielle Scruton


José Lorenzo Rodríguez


August Gold


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